Cover Art

Friday, May 31, 2013

Auction Drawing...check

I haven't drawn for a 2 plus months. Sucks, but I have no real excuse. I have however spent a tonne of time watching a guy name Leonardo, do all these amazing drawings on his FineArtEbook YouTube Channel. I would love to have the talent this man has, of course it would help if I took more time to draw.

On a good note, the auction I was in back at the beginning of March has ended and someone did bid on me to draw something for them. The picture they chose was not exactly my favourite because it was very dark (both the person and the background) and also her hand is very prominent. I am not very good at drawing hands. So, when she emailed me the picture I kind of put off working on it. Then life got busy and the deadline I promised her started closing in, so I finally sat down yesterday and started on it. I had to stop midway because I wasn't really loving what I was seeing, so I figured I'd take a break. Today I went back to it and things seemed to be flowing better. There are things that probably aren't 100 % to the picture she sent but if I weren't trying to make it look like a specific photo, then I'd be pretty happy with it. I'm hoping the auction winner will be happy with it too. Also, though the hand isn't perfect, it's much better than I had hoped for, so...YAY!