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Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Actor

Gabriel Macht (from Suits), yes he's quite nice on the eyes but I think the best thing about his face are all the gorgeous laugh lines around his eyes. I had to try and draw him.



I love things that are rustic looking. A friend and I were talking about trying new stuff with our art and also talking about texture, so this kind of fit the bill for me. At first, when I just had the keyhole part done, I thought it was going to be an epic failure. Then once the wood started getting filled in behind, it all started to take shape. So yeah, I kinda like this one.


Force of Nature

This is my youngest son, looking up at me from in the pool. I think he was maybe 3 in the picture.  He truly is a force of nature. I love how it turned out because I can really tell that it's him. I don't draw people I know much because I find all the mistakes seem more noticeable and I worry that I can't capture the depth of their personality. His mouth looks a little awkward but that's how it is in the picture. I guess he was kind of pursing it.



This is a pic from a German show with a male 'super couple'. Beautiful actors but mostly I loved how comfortable they were with each other. Plus gorgeous men with their hands entwined... hot!

Faerie Tree...

Ok, it doesn't look like much but I gotta say this took forever...and I kind of love it. I think I might end up making the background dark to make it stand out more. ( scanner)


From May 2010 to Sept 2012, I was honoured to do the web design and upkeep of an unofficial website dedicated to a very humble, talented and kind actor... basically he's just an everyday guy who loves acting. He's amazing to watch and his low sexy laugh just adds to his appeal. Plus because of him I've become friends with some wonderful people I never would have had the opportunity to connect with had I not taken this website on. Anyway, I would randomly come across a pic of him or his castmates that I wanted to draw.

2010- It'd been a long time since I'd drawn anything so my style was all over the place in the beginning.  Three of these pics are from real life, two are in character.


Castmates 2010-

Castmates 2011-

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Faeries and Elves..Love'em

I love anything to do with the land of magik. My new obsession is toadstools, though I'm yet to draw any... keep looking at the blog and I'm sure you'll see them soon enough though.

I drew these 3 faeries in 2010. They are from the original paintings of Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly (yep that would be Maeve from the tv series Adventures of Sinbad) She's got a tonne of beautiful stuff, go check out her site.

These are from 2011. Dark Winged Faerie is loosely based on a picture by AGalloway. (Though in the original one isn't a Faerie...I just love adding wings and pointy ears)

This is a little Snow Faerie (details of her origin will be posted when I can find what I saved it under)

These two weren't originally meant to be a set but they ended up looking like they belonged together. The strong female warrior elf is from a picture drawn by Brigid Ashwood. She actually saw my version and wrote me a nice little note. This is another artist worth checking out. I love her stuff.

My version of this isn't as soft and feminine looking as hers but I like the strong warrior look on mine too. So this is Female Warrior Elf and the second drawing is her mate (he's my original)

Night Elf from World of Warcraft. This was a lesson in patience. I love how she turned, out even though I do see so many things I could fix.

This is a male elf. This drawing is from a painting I saw by "heisejinyao". (at least I think that's the spelling) Funny, I showed this to one of my friends and she pointed out the sign on his forehead was for Scorpion...which is both her and my birth sign. Again it's one where I had to take a photo because there was no scanner, so the paper is a little bent.

Parts of the Face

I tend to draw faces a lot so I did a couple of YouTube tutorials...There are some great and helpful artist who are so willing to help on YouTube. These are some of my favourites...





2012 Drawings

Sadly I only have 3 drawings to post for the whole year. My scanner was broken so I had to take pics of these so they probably aren't going to look as detailed as the actual drawings.

This one is a Celtic Peace Symbol.

This one is Little Star Faerie. I love drawing faeries, fae, magik stuff because I think it gives you a little more freedom with body scale...everything can be a little more exaggerated/not perfect (or not, depending on how co-operative your pencil is feeling) Oh, I also tend to draw it because I love it ;)

This one is from an image I saw on the idea who it came from but I've changed her up a bit.