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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Faeries and Elves..Love'em

I love anything to do with the land of magik. My new obsession is toadstools, though I'm yet to draw any... keep looking at the blog and I'm sure you'll see them soon enough though.

I drew these 3 faeries in 2010. They are from the original paintings of Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly (yep that would be Maeve from the tv series Adventures of Sinbad) She's got a tonne of beautiful stuff, go check out her site.

These are from 2011. Dark Winged Faerie is loosely based on a picture by AGalloway. (Though in the original one isn't a Faerie...I just love adding wings and pointy ears)

This is a little Snow Faerie (details of her origin will be posted when I can find what I saved it under)

These two weren't originally meant to be a set but they ended up looking like they belonged together. The strong female warrior elf is from a picture drawn by Brigid Ashwood. She actually saw my version and wrote me a nice little note. This is another artist worth checking out. I love her stuff.

My version of this isn't as soft and feminine looking as hers but I like the strong warrior look on mine too. So this is Female Warrior Elf and the second drawing is her mate (he's my original)

Night Elf from World of Warcraft. This was a lesson in patience. I love how she turned, out even though I do see so many things I could fix.

This is a male elf. This drawing is from a painting I saw by "heisejinyao". (at least I think that's the spelling) Funny, I showed this to one of my friends and she pointed out the sign on his forehead was for Scorpion...which is both her and my birth sign. Again it's one where I had to take a photo because there was no scanner, so the paper is a little bent.

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