Cover Art

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the Green Man... in black and white

Ok, this was a lot of As I mentioned before, I ended up erasing it twice before I finally started getting the way I wanted. If I were to do it again I maybe would choose not to worry about symmetrical leaves, cause those babies took a tonne of time (rulers and calculations...gah!) I'm really happy with the overall result though. I'm wondering if I should keep the outer lines of the individual leaves so sharp. I didn't blend them at all because I wanted to make sure the layers were obvious. Should I blend them to soften them some? Thoughts?

Now comes the fun/scary part for me. I've decided to colour this one. Well a copy of it. I just have to decide on coloured pencils, markers or watercolour...or all.

I mentioned in my preview post that there is a local artist, who's work I love, that painted a green man and got me hooked. Her work is beautiful so you should check her out.

Faebyl Art
and on Blogger HERE

Unfortunately my scanner is just a tad smaller than the picture so his antlers got a little chopped.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the Green Man Cometh... soon

I'm so excited because I'm actually working on another drawing. This will be my 3rd this year... I only managed to get 3 pieces done, in total, last year. So this is a good sign. AND this one is not a portrait, so I have a bit more leeway with it. I am finding though, that I have had to use my ruler to help me with keeping the leaves close to symmetrical. Apparently I'm much more free-flowing when I draw stuff to my left side. There are a few leaves that I want to be a little more complicated but now (since I've been working on this for over 3 hours and have erased the whole thing- twice) I've decided some of the background leaves can be really, really simple. My plan when this is finished is to make a copy of it and try working with some colour. I've probably got at least another hour and a half (plus?) of leaves to draw and then probably 3 more hours before I can even think about colour though.

Anyway, here is a sneak peek...please ignore all the ruler lines that are making me feel like a bit like I'm cheating. Hopefully I'll have the completed drawing up tomorrow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yes, I sucketh at resolutions...

So it's the 10th week of the year, which means I should have 10 drawings done. Um, no...this is my 2nd.  My only true excuse is procrastination. I'm gonna keep working on that.

This is a drawing I've done for an auction that a friend asked me to participate in. I don't have all the details but she's a good friend so I was quick to say yes. Plus it was good for me to have a drawing goal with a time limit. Apparently this is a sample that I post and if someone bids on me then I work out something with them and draw what they want. The only requirement for the sample was it had to be related to The Vampire Diaries. My favourite would be Elijah but until the new series starts I think he wouldn't be as popular. So I went for a pic of the actor who plays his brother, Klaus.

The pic with the original photo is unblended and I had to tweak it a bit. I'm happy with the final drawing, though I wish the eyes were a bit more hooded. Not going to change it up anymore though.