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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the Green Man... in black and white

Ok, this was a lot of As I mentioned before, I ended up erasing it twice before I finally started getting the way I wanted. If I were to do it again I maybe would choose not to worry about symmetrical leaves, cause those babies took a tonne of time (rulers and calculations...gah!) I'm really happy with the overall result though. I'm wondering if I should keep the outer lines of the individual leaves so sharp. I didn't blend them at all because I wanted to make sure the layers were obvious. Should I blend them to soften them some? Thoughts?

Now comes the fun/scary part for me. I've decided to colour this one. Well a copy of it. I just have to decide on coloured pencils, markers or watercolour...or all.

I mentioned in my preview post that there is a local artist, who's work I love, that painted a green man and got me hooked. Her work is beautiful so you should check her out.

Faebyl Art
and on Blogger HERE

Unfortunately my scanner is just a tad smaller than the picture so his antlers got a little chopped.


  1. I'm liking him just the way he is but I know some color will bring him to life. His eyes are already ALIVE.

    The leaves are perfect the way they are. Funky and so worth the time you took to get them just right. Lots of texture in there. Can't wait to see how he'll turn out!

  2. I've never heard of a Green Man before besides the jolly green giant of course. He looks very serious and the leaves are so perfectly balanced your calculating and sweat made it all worth it!

  3. Thanks Ileana and Mary. I'm procrastinating with the colour...maybe this weekend.

    I'm just now looking for my next picture to draw. I'm trying to do as many as I can while it's calling to me because I know how easy it is to put my pencil down and not pick it up for months.

  4. I think he looks great! I would think about line weight (if you don't know anything about line weight, google it, it will help you a lot). Basically, the darker the lines, the closer the object appears. So in this instance, all of the leaves feel like they are closer than lets say, the nose. :) I like the darker lines on the leaves, but I would work on the facial features, especially the eyes, and try to make those pop! :) Great work though, I get caught up in details like symmetry ALL the time! I wish I wouldn't, drawing would be less stressful that way! haha

    I definitely think you should make more than one copy and try all mediums on it! I think it would be a fun learning experience! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Incredible. We have a lot of green men in the architecture in my city!


    1. Thanks Sue

      It would be cool to see more of them in architecture. I mostly only see them when I'm at a nursery or garden shop.

      I'm starting to notice that I want to draw more nature now...maybe that has something to do with my attraction to faeries/fae and magik. I just need to move outside my comfort zone of drawing people and try adding new elements to my pictures.

  6. Love him. LOve that you spent all that time getting him right.. Try gessoing over a copy of him and using watercolour. You could experiment with allsorts of medium.. have fun :)

  7. Kim, this is amazing. Your detail just blew me away. Well done and WELCOME to Sunday Sketches. :)

    1. Thanks Alexandra...also thanks for hosting Sunday Sketches. It was a great way for me to find some cool blogs by other artists.

  8. this is wonderful.
    i love that you are going to color a version of it too
    that is fun
    sometimes a take a piece and do one in colored pencil
    one in paint
    one in ink pen
    just to see how i feel about the different supplies

    i look forward to seeing it in color.

  9. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with this. I would also get some copies to try different mediums!

  10. Love it!! I think you should try coloring it in all sort of media. I think the effects will be really different and it would be fun to see him in different ways.

  11. I like him as he is and would add some colour to a printed scan before I added it to the original... but I do think colour would really make it pop... this is very cool...xx

  12. What a nice drawing! I think it will look great with colours :)

  13. Thanks everyone...lots of great tips. I'm excited to try some of them. I did manage to get a copy made of this but unfortunately I haven't had time to do anything with it. Since I'm not the most comfortable using colour I really want to be in the right mood to start it.

    I am starting a new drawing though, which hopefully I'll be able to post soon.

  14. It's reallly good! I bet it will look awesome with color!


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