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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Live without Boundaries

I was out shopping today and saw this t-shirt on display with a picture of a road travelling off in the distance and the logo "live without boundaries." I had already paid for my purchase but I had to go back and find the shirt. I loved the colours and honestly the first thing that came to my mind was that it was perfect for my youngest son.  He's 7 and he is mighty. I call him my Force of Nature. There are times he can drive me to absolute exasperation and other times, he's the sweetest and most gentle little person you could meet. I use to say I wish he'd out grow the parts of his personality that wouldn't seem socially ok but then I realized he is resilient, strong and will stand up for himself. Yes sometimes it's still frustrating but I don't want him to change. Oddly enough, no one outside our immediately family has ever really experienced these particular personality traits (thankfully) and his teachers always say they can't see the child I've told them a story about in him at

SO, obviously I bought him the shirt...even though it's going to hang on him like a dress. I also decided I wanted to try and draw it, in colour. Unfortunately, the picture is too big for my scanner and apparently my camera sucks. There are actually some lovely blues, greens and purples here, I swear ;) Still, happy I tried it cause it's a picture that I will associate with good feelings. Also, underneath this pic is another I drew a couple years ago of my little Force of Nature, when he was looking up at me from the pool. He was 3 or 4 when I took the photo that I drew from.

Happy Sunday Sketches.


  1. Oh I love this shirt and its message. Your sketch of your son is delightful.

  2. Beautiful drawing of this child.

  3. Lovely drawings, especially the portrait is wonderful!

  4. I have a force of nature of my very own here. That personality actually sort-of runs rampant in our family, so it's interesting to say the least! Love the drawings. The portrait is stunning.

  5. beautiful sketch and wonderful sentiment!


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