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Saturday, May 3, 2014


I'm so disappointed that I haven't created anything for over a month now. I've been online...googling, reading, watching videos, wasting time, but have had no motivation to start something.

I know the reason for this funk and I am trying to work through it. For me, it feels kind of awkward to share personal stuff online but maybe putting this out there to others, who may have been through similar things, can be helpful. My Father in Law was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It is aggressive and spreading quickly. It really took us all by surprise, he is a very active, non smoker who is coming up on his 70th bday.  Anyway, my husband is taking it ok, but has moments when it overwhelms him. He isn't a big sharer of emotions so he doesn't like to talk about it much. So I just worry quietly for him. My oldest son is 15, he knows what's going on but he is still young enough to hold on to hope that it will all go away. My youngest knows Grandpa isn't feeling well but as far as he's concerned, its like a bad flu and he'll be well soon. My kids have never lost anyone before so I have no idea how they are going to take this.  Basically, it really sucks.

It's also made me do a lot of soul searching. Thinking about things like how important it is to be around people and do thing that bring you joy. I know art brings so much pleasure to my life, yet it's always one of the first things I cast aside when something else is going on. So, my goal now is to start taking it more seriously and taking myself as an artist more seriously...Maybe serious isn't the right word here. I think what I mean is I'm going to place more value on it, give it a place of true importance in my life. I plan to get back to the communities that I've been working with and if anyone has any other community suggestions, please share. I just find that if I have a goal with a deadline I tend to work much better.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on my posts. I feel very honoured that you come by to see what I have been working on. I appreciate the compliments but I also appreciate the tips, suggestions and critiques.

BTW...does anyone know what's going on with the slide show app for blogger? My "at a glance" hasn't worked for a while and I haven't done anything different with it.

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