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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dreaming of Spring (Sunday Sketches)

This is not complete but I think if I don't post it now I won't get a chance to put it up for Sunday Sketches. I'll continue working on it tonight. The original flower was one I've seen online but when I took a screenshot I only saved it under flower...I know...anyway, I will look for the link and add the source to the post.

I am desperate for Spring to come. I'm just at the tail end of my second cold of this year...which I am blaming on the weather. It honestly knocked me on my back for the last few days. I don't usually nap when I'm sick because I'm always having to run with kids somewhere, but this week, I called people to help and if it was something I had to do I would set the timer on the stove and crash on the couch. Hubby and the kids were helpful but they fully enjoyed the fact that I had no voice (at all...nada) for 5 days.

So bring on sunshine and warm weather. I am truly done with this white stuff.

***ok, I've finished with the colours. Happy SS!


  1. This is beautiful, Kim. It seems many of the SS peeps created Spring illustrations. I think we're all ready for some Spring-like weather! It's officially Spring here but they're calling for snow again in a few days. Oy! :)

  2. I am sorry to hear that you have not been well. I can see that you would love some sunshine and growing things. your comment about ice made me chuckle, thanks for that.

    this piece of yours overflows with a beautiful spirit of spring!

  3. Oh no ... I hope you'll get well very soon! But your flower looks so beautiful and magic! And pink is a healing color. I read that once somewhere in the internet. So I am convinced your wonderful flower will make you feel better soon!

  4. What a beautiful flower! The colors are amazing. I hope you feel much better soon! I'm glad you asked for help, it can be hard, but I think the more you relax and take care of you, the sooner your body will be able to heal itself.

  5. lovely journal pages...Happy SS

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)


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