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Monday, February 24, 2014

I tried for whimsy and got this...

Ok, I knew it had a bit of a Hitchcock feel to it, but liked the whole musical note thing that someone photoshopped in. (again I have no idea who's original this was because the Pinterest link only gave me the picture)

I don't really feel like I'm getting the hang of watercolours. This time I used the squeeze tubes but it still feels heavy. Do I just need to add a lot more water? Use a larger brush? I see all these beautiful pics where the watercolour is so even or it just looks like a pretty puddle of vibrant colour, like a tie-dye circle. I'm obviously not getting that. The sky here just looks too streaky and the clouds don't really have the fluffiness I was looking for. I'll keep trying but I may have to run out and get one of those pan sets of watercolours.


  1. That's very pretty and unique! I love the birds and the musical note. I haven't done watercolors in a very long time, I used to use the pan ones and was always itching to try the squeeze tubes...

  2. Hello Kim,
    is this what inspired this piece:

    I think this is a wonderful piece!

    watercolors can be magical.
    try wetting a spot of paper with your brush, then dip the brush in a color of paint and touch the wet spot and watch it move, let it sit a while, come back and see how it changed or if it did. You can add a few colors to the wet spot and see what happens. There are so many techniques with water color. But yes a big brush is wonderful. The tip can still do tiny things, but you can cover more space fast. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them. But i am a beginner with watercolors as well.


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