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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring is coming...

I don't care what the weatherman says, I believe... lol. We had sunshine yesterday (though it was still cold) and today it's going to be +1. I'm just going to ignore the windchill temperature and the fact that we are supposed to be getting freezing rain in a day or two. I just feel so much better embracing the sunshine. This tree I painted yesterday makes me think of spring, even if a couple of leaves have fallen...I'm blaming the butterflies. The watercolour pencils are so vibrant, which helps with my happy feelings too.

I finished the tree and decided to colour it using my watercolour pencils. I love the colour they produce. Unfortunately, this wasn't the original plan so I only used regular paper. It rippled a bit with the water but I'm still pretty happy with it. I also need new paintbrushes. I made the mistake of grabbing one of my son's and it was terrible quality, so I had some problems where it separated and dragged the colour. There are also some shedded brush hairs on it, if you look close enough.

Excited to start a new drawing today. It's a detailed one so it may take a couple of days OR I may not get any other work done today. :)

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  1. ahhh, such a charming and happy piece. so we are both creating art inspired by spring ;-)
    the wind is blowing here, but it is above freezing..... but not in the wind.


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