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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's been months and months (July 2013) but I finally picked up my pencil yesterday and did, not one, but 2 sketches. Just simple sketches without a lot of details (meaning they took about an hour or so each instead of the regular 5-6) but I'm just so glad that I did something. Even better, I've already started a 3rd one that I'll hopefully finish today. I would like to thank Ginny, from Special Moments in Time, for taking the time and sending me a lovely email when I was feeling very uncreative and down about procrastinating.

**Update- I finished the tree I was drawing. If it looks familiar, it's because I drew it from a craft I found on Pinterest. (where I get a lot of the pictures I draw)  The quality isn't great because it's too large for my scanner and I had to take a photo. Hoping to get it coloured today and posted tomorrow. Hopefully, with something new. From creative block to not wanting to do anything but art...need to find the balance.

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  1. hello Kim,

    how wonderful that you got in the mood to draw and it sounds as though once you started that you could not stop! yea.

    the top one is so sweet, i love the girls posture and hair.
    Your eye is gorgeous! I love the angle you drew it in, i would think that is not an easy angle at all.

    And your tree is lovely, almost as though it is dancing.
    So nice to see your art!


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